How can I help?

Sometimes life gets on top of you and stops you from fulfillingyour potential. Therapy provides a supportive environment to help you to explore your circumstances, giving you insights into your role in current situations and helping you to discover ways to move past any blocks that are holding you back. It may be that a few sessions helps you to see how to start making some changes or you may benefit from a more in-depth psychological exploration. I offer a safe space to explore life's issues, share your struggles and develop skills to better cope with any problems that you may be experiencing. 

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Why pay for private therapy rather than going through the NHS? I can offer you the service that you need rather than you being offered the service that is available.
I have worked in various NHS settings and continue to do so part-time. Within the NHS, therapy is limited (usually to about 10 sessions) and there is often a very long wait to be seen (up to a year). Only "evidence-based" therapies are offered and unfortunately this does not include the most up-to-date research. 

How much does therapy cost? I offer sessions on a sliding-scale, from £40/hour.

How many sessions will I need? This varies depending on your needs and what you are looking to achieve. I typically work with people for 6-12 weeks with a focus on a few specific issues.

How often should I see you? I find that having weekly sessions works well but I also see people twice a week, fortnightly or monthly to fit around their life.

*New Mindful Compassion Course*

I regularly run courses on Mindfulness, Compassion and Acceptance, across Surrey and Sussex. These are unique courses that go beyond mindfulness and meditation to teach the science of compassion and self-acceptance as keys to happiness and fulfilment.

This is a great course for anyone with an interest in or experience of Mindfulness and it will help you to manage stress and anxiety, improve your attention and develop a kinder perspective towards yourself and others. Vital skills for life in the modern world.

Next Steps

The most difficult step is recognising that there is a problem and then seeking help, so congratulate yourself on getting this far. I encourage you to call now, while you are thinking about starting therapy, before anxiety and negative thoughts make you pull away.

I have offices across Surrey and Sussex and also provide home visits, telephone sessions and online therapy (via Skype).

Contact me now to arrange an initial consultation or to discuss your needs.

Tel: 07810 697 840

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